About Sturlureykir

Sturlureykir horsefarm is a local horsebreeding farm with about 60 horses. Every year is 3 to 5 foal born and we try to breed good breedinghorses, ridinghorses and a competition horses.

We have offered ridingtours for more than 30 years and the reason is simple, we love our work, our horses and give a personal service.

Sturlureykir is a family runned farm with Hrafnhildur Guðmundsdóttir, Jóhannes Kristleifsson and theire family. Sturlureykir have been in the same family for over 150 years and at Sturlueykir is one of the first place in Iceland to offer longer ridingtours. At Sturlureykir is the first geothermal in Europe.

You are welcome to visit our farm, have a rest, take a coffee or ride one of our horses. You will enjoy it.
Open every day from 10 to 17 all year round.

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