Stable Visit

Stop by and meet our horses, take some photos and have a beautiful memory to share with your friends. We welcome people in our coffeehouse where we show videos both from our farm and about the Icelandic horses, and their five special gaits.

At Sturlureykir, you will also find a natural hot spring which is really worth a visit. It produces water that is over 100 degrees Celsius and pumps up about 4 liters per second. An interesting fact of the farm is that the first central heating system based on natural hot water in Europe was built there.

The hot water spring is also used to bake rye bread underground. This rye bread the locals call Rúgbrauð. When guests visit Sturlureykir they can taste freshly baked rye bread from the hot spring. We use a family recipe which has been used in the family for over 100 years.

The price is 2000,- isl kr per person and includes a coffee or a hot chocolate in our coffeehouse. And of course, people get a taste of our home baked rye bread.

Open every day from 10 to 15 all year round.